Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lauren Seniors // Gilbert, Arizona Portrait Photographer

When this beautiful girl's mother contacted me one afternoon, I was leaving for a bride and groom session. She told me her daughter was just diagnosed with lukemia that day and they are starting chemo tomorrow! They've been wanting to get senior photos done, but now that she will be losing her hair they needed them done as soon as possible. We had her meet me right after the bride and groom session to snap a few photos of her. The timing was impeccable. If she had contacted me 15 minutes later I wouldn't have seen the message until it was too late. Also, little did they know I was also a cancer survivor. When they found that out, we all knew there was divine inspiration. I felt very blessed that I was able to be a tool in God's hands to give this beautiful girl a tender mercy directly from him.

Well, I just received news this week that this beautiful daughter of God is in remission! Congratulations Lauren! You kicked cancer's butt! God sure does answer prayers. 

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